Anyone have Octoprint running on a RISC-V yet?

I run a print farm and Octoprint is definitely integral in making it run smoothly, but now RPis are sold out EVERYWHERE. Has anyone had any luck running Octoprint on the new RISC-V architecture/ dev boards?

It looks like a very promising alternative to ARM, and definitely aligns with the open source motto. Are there plans for any Octoprint ports on RISC-V?

If you can run Python on some kind of OS to access the USB/serial port (OctoPrint supports Linux, Windows or MacOS) then you will already be able to run OctoPrint, no need to create a port. You obviously can't use an OctoPi image, but installing OctoPrint manually is easily possible as it is just a Python package.

Thank you Charlie for your input. I think I will get one and see. Maybe I can help pave the way to a Pi alternative.

Any links to actual hardware available today?