Anyone know if webcam functions can be controlled via Octoprint?

The Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 has functr\ionality that I would like to use in OctoPrint. Has anybody done this with this or other cams?

It's going to depend on the function in question. The biggest question would be can you do whatever that function is in a linux OS via command line. If you can figure that out, then there are ways within OctoPrint either via config.yaml or plugins to be able to send commands.

One thing you could do is enable the full mjpg-streamer control interface. Editing your octopi.txt and finding the lines below would enable http://:8080/ which then gives you a control link to adjust some settings.

change the following text


to this:


Thanks for the info, I'm still researching if there are commands that could be used...

Search for V4l2-ctl, that controls the video drivers: