Anyone knows "OctoClient"?



Hi out there!

I just stumbled over this here.
As far as I can recognize, it only runs within your home network area.
On the first glance, it works fine...


Never heard of this before but it's attractively-styled. I worry that the control buttons are a little too close together in some cases, though.

My own Robo app works the same way over wi-fi.


Hi Ewald,

I have installed 2 apps on my iPhone: OctoClient and OctoPod. Both are working fine as far as I have tested it. I like OctoPod more, esp. because it is completely free.


Hi, OctoClient developer here.
The app uses OctoPrint’s REST & WebSocket APIs, so it should work outside your local network with many of the usual OctoPrint remote access methods (VPNs, reverse proxies etc.). It’s just a small nights and weekends project, always open to feedback :grinning:

If it’s not your thing, OctoPod by @gdombi looks like a great alternative


Hi @lbell!

OctoClient runs fine here. I will try the remote access possibilities.
Any idea when the PRO version comes out? Can't find it in the store...

Thanks a lot!



Hi Ewald,
Pro is an in-app purchase - you can find it in settings. Thanks for your support!


I've overseen it - now it's on :+1: