Anyone tried ROCK PI S?

sub 10$ 64bit 1.3GHz quad core, not a lot of ram but (256M) .. anyone tried one of these?

looking at specification this would be ideal for octoprint?

I would not call 256 MB ideal for OctoPrint.

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well for server and plugins I use it should be enough :smiley: ... looking at my orange now ..

root@orangepione:~# free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:           496        386        110         13         24        219
-/+ buffers/cache:        141        355
Swap:          248          0        248

that's 167M used by system+running octoprint with all plugins I need so 256 should be ok :slight_smile: .. I'm more interested if cpu would be usable and if that usb+eth are killing the cpu or not

Nice for some IOT projects but I would definitely not use it für octoprint.
Also I'm not a big rockchip fan but that's more a personal preference.

have not used them at all ever .. so unrelated to octoprint (ram is def a touch and go here) what you dislike about them .. I'm considering them for other projects too octoprint just came to mind as one possibility

You only have 110 free out of 496 on the Orange pi...

Go big RAM or go home (on the Pi alternatives). If I wanted hardly any RAM I'd get an ESP32 or whatever.

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nope, 355 free, linux uses unused ram for disk cache but that's "free memory" as it's available for you if you need it

you can't run linux on esp32 :smiley: ... memory management is non existing, the "blob" for wifi part is ... njah .. just not worth it :smiley: .. I don't normally use raspberies for nothing, especially not for octoprint, I use orange's they work much better imo .. but seen these rock thingis and got interested :smiley:

But they are one of the very few single board computer which are totally open source not like the raspberry pi or the other fruit pie's

I wasn't aware of that. That's a big plus.
Maybe I should look into it again :smiley:

Atm I'm waiting for some affordable risc-v single board computers :slight_smile: but I guess that will take some time

Tom Cubie switched to them when he left cubietech and started raxda limited because he don't wanted to build board on which he have to use binary blobs.

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yes, those boards are awesome :smiley: .. the 4 comes with 1 to 4G of ram that's plenty :smiley: and can output "any resolution" hdmi (which is a bummer with rpi and opi with some displays)