Anyone used Highcharts with a plugin? Licensing?


I'm working on a plugin version of RLLynch's Filament Watch (
I've got it mostly working - including his use of Highcharts to graph filament usage in a tab. I'd love to make this an openly available plugin, but I'm not sure about Highcharts licensing in this case. Their licensing page says:

"If you are a non-profit company, or use our products for personal use, you may enjoy our software for free under a Creative Commons (CC) Attribution-NonCommercial licence"

Anyone have any info whether this would be usable for plugins for free?


From the FAQ on their website:

Is the software the same with a Non-Commercial License as with a Commercial License?

Yes. The software is identical. However, the granted rights are different for a Non-Commercial and Commercial license. With a Commercial license, you can use our software in a commercial company or for commercial activity. With a Non-Commercial license, our software cannot be used for commercial activity and you must retain the Highcharts watermark.

Non-Commercial Redistribution

You are allowed to distribute a Highsoft software product with non-commercial packages given that you fulfill two conditions:

  • Emphasize to your users that Highsoft software products are not free for commercial and governmental use. You can do this on your download page or when your users activate a Highsoft software product in your application.
  • Provide a link back to in the same location.

May I use your software under the Non-Commercial License for Open Source Projects?

Although Highsoft's software have open source codes, our software is not licensed as an open source software and is unfortunately not compatible with any open source software license like Apache 2 or any GPL. See also Non-Commercial Redistribution above.

IMO (and I'm not a lawyer), as long as you comply with the conditions of the CC license and these conditions you should be OK.

BTW, I'm not so sure Filament Watch is in compliance with the Highchart license.

Creative Commons is a very unusual license choice for software, it's simply not designed for this purpose. Even Creative Commons themselves discourages using CC licenses for software:

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure AGPL and CC BY-NC are incompatible. The Non-commercial clause alone doesn't fit because the AGPL has no such restriction.

You could potentially replace the highcharts with plotly.js, it uses an MIT license.

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Cool. I thought this might be trouble. Thanks for the suggestion of plotly. Does anyone know off-hand what Octoprint itself uses for graphing? The graph I need is not very different that the standard temp graph...might be more efficient to re-use instead of adding yet another graphing package.

OctoPrint uses flot.js:

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