Anyone with an ender 3

I'm having problems with pause and resume and wanted to see if others are having similar problems .
if its just me would anyone care to share their before and after pause gcode scripts ,

Might be a little better if you described your problem?
Or I could say "I had problems too so you aren't alone." (that way I don't have to share my gcode scripts! :sunglasses:
Better give more data else the solutions are endless...

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makes sense
when i pause something it lifts up 5mm and moves the bed forward, but when i resume it it moves back to where it finished but starts printing in mid air .

if i use creality slicer it works great no problems so i guess ill be using that from now on .

It appears you do the same things on two threads.

sorry i was trying to find out if anyone else with the same printer had a similar issue.