API for serial communication

IIRC the new major release was supposed to have new serial communication protocol implementation. I'm not up2date will all the development as I was busy with other stuff so question might be already answered but quick search didn't show enough info hence me posting...

Did this happen (new serial module)? And, most importantly, is now the serial communication "selectable module" / "plugin" or is still a par of the core system?

Why do I ask? Recently RRF pushed support for SBC support where they do some preprocessing of the data on the SBC and push preprocessed data to the mcu from SBC via SPI. It does not work like klipper where path is calculated on the SBC but rather only some rudimentary stuff is done on the SBC like parsing of the g-code. Duet folks are creating the whole duet framework on the side of SBC (for now RPI but probbably soon any SBC out there will work) so the plugin system will be possible to setup etc etc etc etc but all that is happening "tomorrow" so zero plugins available "today". On the other side OctoPrint is AWESOME and selection of featurs + plugins is huge. I kinda see few plugins I really need and figured it might be simple to implement a way to integrate OctoPrint and DSF but if I can't replace the serial module with another module that will receive stream of gcode from octoprint and process it and shoot it to RRF via SPI :slight_smile:

This was delayed, not sure until when though.

You might take a look at the GPX plugin. It is provided for compatibility with some older printers. It wraps the communication layer to translate it to xg3 (iirc) which sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

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thanks for the info, will check it out, need to figure out also how to do process communication between python and .net