Approx Total Print Time


Why is Approx Total Print Time displayed? It is, in my experience, never close to what I can actually expect. Example:


It has a value of 2 hours when I'm 3 hours into the print and a 3 hour guestimate of time remaining.


There must be something in your gcode that is throwing the analysis that far off.. but generally it's hard to estimate. The PrintTimeGenius plugin is brilliant and accurate, fwiw.


Yes, it is very hard to estimate. And because of that I'd rather have no estimation at all than something so obviously wrong. Those who want an estimate can use a plugin.

Or am I the only one who finds bad data worse than no data?


To be fair, OctoPrint is in my humble opinion inadequately funded.

Compare/contrast to Apple which makes more in a year than Microsoft/Adobe/Google/Oracle combined and yet they have no ability whatsoever to accurately tell me how long an upgrade will take. Their progress indicator will inform me that there's approximately 16 more minutes and the reality is more like an hour or more.