Arc Welder & Marlin 2.0.x nightly "not supported"?

With an Ender 3 V2, running a prebuilt nightly from, Arc Welder is reporting that the firmware is not supported. Is this because the firmware version is being reported as bugfix-2.0.x rather than 2.0.6 or later? It is also reporting "3D-Arcs Supported:Unknown".

How can this be resolved? Thank you.

As the error message says, you can't tell what version of firmware it is because it is just labelled 'bugfix-2.0.x' rather than an actual version number.

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Does Marlin 2.0.7 support 3D Arc? Is this something that has to be enabled during the firmware build? Thanks.

According to the configuration_adv.h, it should:

// G2/G3 Arc Support
#define ARC_SUPPORT                 // Disable this feature to save ~3226 bytes
  #define MM_PER_ARC_SEGMENT      1 // (mm) Length (or minimum length) of each arc segment
  //#define ARC_SEGMENTS_PER_R    1 // Max segment length, MM_PER = Min
  #define MIN_ARC_SEGMENTS       24 // Minimum number of segments in a complete circle
  //#define ARC_SEGMENTS_PER_SEC 50 // Use feedrate to choose segment length (with MM_PER_ARC_SEGMENT as the minimum)
  #define N_ARC_CORRECTION       25 // Number of interpolated segments between corrections
  //#define ARC_P_CIRCLES           // Enable the 'P' parameter to specify complete circles
  //#define CNC_WORKSPACE_PLANES    // Allow G2/G3 to operate in XY, ZX, or YZ planes
  //#define SF_ARC_FIX              // Enable only if using SkeinForge with "Arc Point" fillet procedure

But you better check on your downloads

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Thank you guys for the help.

Ah! Just the answer I was looking for with regards to getting Arc Welder to work properly. It was generating code, but the results were spaghetti... Thanks Ewald!!

Is there a guide on which settings in the firmware are best for Arc Welder? Gonna go with the defaults for now, but I'm always on the quest for better prints.

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