Arc Welder - Stabilization Error

Hi. I am using a Longer LK4 and everything has been working great for me (Cura, Octoprint, Octolapse) but I can't get my printer to work with Arc Welder. I have followed a few videos on getting everything set up, double-checked that I did what those in the videos were saying to do but I still get nowhere.

The extruder leaves home, goes to the same location on the bed every time then just stops. After about a minute I get errors saying "Stabilization error" and then the printer disconnects due to multiple timeouts.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the most recent stable release. I've tried installing unstable releases. I've disabled Octolapse just to see if it was causing a conflict somewhere but that wasn't it. I thought maybe it had something to do with the "G90 influences extruder" setting but that's not it either. I did notice that Arc Welder says it can't find my firmware and it also won't do anything when I click the button to check for the firmware. When I go to the "About" section on the printer itself it says the firmware version is V2.19

Any advice would be much appreciated.

In the terminal, send the G2 command and paste the output here. If it is 'unknown command' then your printer does not support arcs. Also, you can send M115 and see if ARC_SUPPORT is in the list of enabled capabilities.

Thanks for the response. When I put G2 in terminal this is what I get:
Send: N5 G2*46
Recv: ok

Send: N43 M115*17
Recv: ok

I'm sorry, as I'm very new to this and not sure if I put those commands in the terminal correcty.

That's... not what I expected to get back from the printer. I'm surprised it just sent 'ok' with nothing else.

Arc welder is not completely necessary, and if your printer doesn't support arc commands (and we can't tell if it does or not) then you can't use it. If you do want to use arcs, you could build your own firmware, but I can't see an example config around for this printer so it may be a pain.

Understood and appreciated. I think I'll just leave it alone for now. From your experience, is me trying to get Arc Welder working even worth the extra headache?

I use it, but I didn't have issues with stuttering before - I generally just use it for the reduction in file size. Probably not worth the effort unless you are having significant stuttering issues on corners etc. from lots of small segments.