Arducam adjustable focus Octoprint plugin

bought the Arducam Adjustable focus ov5647.. hitched it up to my rasberry pi 4 which is running octoprint.. works fine even with the octolapse... BUT out of focus..I installed the plugin to adjust the focus from Octoprint but i get an error "can't use i2c"... I did enable the i2c port... what could be wrong ?

You did the raspi-config step too? @moof might be able to help you out.

I’m not near my computer right now. There are more instructions on the ArduCamFocus page.

Besides enabling I2C, you have to enable the kernel modules in /boot/config.txt

look in the pre-installation-requirements for details

Thank you moof & others....
I did enable the i2c and the kernel modules..
I also installed "pygame" and the python libraries....
At the Arducam pre-installation page I copied and pasted the commands in my pi window...

if ! grep -Fxq "^#ArduCamFocus$" /boot/config.txt; then
sudo cat << end_of_file >> /boot/config.txt
( then I hit ENTER )
I get -bash: /boot/config.txt: Permission denied
( it's not letting me execute these commands )
I even tried entering them 1 line at a time... no luck...
Also, even if I can't get the plug-in to work, you would think
I could run the focus motor outside of Octoprint... no such luck...
Any ideas MOOF ( or others) ?? Thanks LouRBK from CT.

I did change my password from the default "raspberry"