Artillery Genius or Sovol or?

Still can't decide which printer to buy but I know I want to run Octoprint. I got interested in 3d printing because of the Mini, I'd still like one but can't wait that long.

I looked a various alternatives like Sovol S01 or Artillery Genius, does anyone run one of these?

My requirements are quiet steppers, dual z, direct drive and not a kit (yes I know the Mini isn't dual z or direct drive but it seems to be a special case and I guess one follows the other) . Any other candidates?

What's your budget?

Thats not as easy to answer as it should be but I defiantly only want to take one bite at the cherry. Certainly not as much as a Mk3s, so lets say £500 max.

Currently lean toward Sovol, replacing controller and adding BL Touch.

I'm running the Sovol SV01 and enjoy it very much. Very productive machine. I've had it running close to non-stop for the past 3 weeks pushing out a large number of parts (all different). Operation is far quieter than other printers I've seen running. Fans are the largest source of noise.
I'm running Octoprint on a Pi 4 with no issues.

Oh...and BL Touch is going on as soon as I can find some down time to put it on.

Thanks for the info.