Artillery Genius or Sovol?


Still can't decide which printer to buy but I know I want to run Octoprint. I got interested in 3d printing because of the Mini, I'd still like one but can't wait that long.

I looked a various alternatives like Sovol S01 or Artillery Genius, does anyone run one of these?

My requirements are quiet steppers, dual z, direct drive and not a kit (yes I know the Mini isn't dual z or direct drive but it seems to be a special case and I guess one follows the other) . Any other candidates?


What is the Mini?

I wouldn't limit it to pre-assembled printers - I don't know if there are any cheap fully pre-assembled ones.
Most of the kits got the tricky parts already in place and you just have to assemble the frame and a few parts like the power supply and the display.
for example

Same for the Sovol S01. Didn't check the other one.

Have to agree on the non-preassembled. My Ender 5 pro came mostly assembled. There's a big difference from a full kit (like my initial printer, every single piece was disassembled) and a build in less than an hour.

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I have a Sovol SV01.

Pros. Comes beautifully pack in two parts. Literally 4 screw to connect the gantry to the base, plug in the two steppers on the gantry and install the Z endstop.
All materials that I've tried (PETG, PLA, Nylon, ABS, and ASA) so far stick to the bed when hot and pretty much fall off as it cools.
Although Sovol say it doesn't have TMC drivers (there's a silent board option), I find the loudest thing is the fans. (I bought a BTT SKR and TMC2709's because I assumed I'd need it - I've never bothered to install it.
The glass bed is ridiculously flat. Again I bought a BlTouch but don't use it. You're going to level the corners anyway and at that point you're good to go.
Runs vanilla Marlin and has a SV01 sample in configs.
Bed is 24v and heat quickly
Dual Z uses two steppers not a belt.

Cons Because the glass bed grips so well when hot you have to wait a while till it cools down to remove the printed part.
Limited nozzle temp (260) means you can't print PC.
I don't like the clone V6 Lite, probably going to change it for a genuine non-Lite at some point.

FWIW I don't own a Prusa cause I refuse to spend that much for a Mk3s kit and delivery on the mini is mad.

thanks my issue has been fixed.