[AstroPrint] Entering Access Key


Everytime I connect to OctoPrint and click on the AstroPrint tab I'm required to enter in my AstroPrint Access Key. This happens every time I boot up OctoPrint and connect to my printer. Is this by design or is there a problem with the plugin? Why can't I just enter in my Access Key once and have the plugin always be linked to my AstroPrint account?


Sounds like you should jump on the AstroPrint forum and tell them that a session-based key is a pain to work with.


Some similar reports from the github issues for the plugin:

The only reason that could make you get unlogged from the plugin is when you get your token expired/unauthorized. That happens after 16 days without using the plugin or very rarely when an error occurs in communications. It that happens you should get a warning in your logs with the message: "refresh token expired, AstroPrint user logged out".

Longer thread, also closed:

It's likely that the access token is being deleted. How often does this happen? Can you give more details?

What version of the astroprint plugin do you have?


Thanks tedder42 for the response. This issue happens almost every time I start up OctoPrint within the normal timeout window (16 days). This could be every day or even multiple times during the day, depending on my printing frequency. I'm running the latest version of AstoPrint, but it also occurred with the previous version.

I inquired on the AstroPrint forum and was informed that this access key is not a session key and that having to re-establish the OctoPrint-AstroPrint connection regularly should not be necessary.