Authia SSO: How to add single sign on/openID

I can't find a way to add my Authia service as a login option for octoprint. Anybody that can help me?

A bit more information could help.
What is authia, what did you try so far etc...

I think the question is does OctoPrint support OpenId and specifically the Authia flavor of Open ID as an Authentication Provider. I am also thinking this name is a typo or maybe just a misspelling of "authelia". Could be wrong here. :slight_smile:

As far as I know OctoPrint does not have any OpenId integration. The only Plugin out there that I know of.. is the booked scheduler plugin. Not very helpful. I would have expected OpenId to have come up before now. Guess there really is not a lot of multi user setups/external user use cases.


My bad! I meant Authelia haha. I did not find a way to do this.

Out of the box, OctoPrint doesn't support this. It would be possible to create a plugin that could do it, but I don't think that it exists so far.

Someone has recently been developing an MFA integration for login, but think it's still rough around the edges. The only other one I've seen relative to user management is LDAP integration plugin.

and a quick search of GitHub returned this very old plugin.

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