Auto logout possible?

We would like to use OctoPrint in our Makerspace to individually track the filament consumption of each user. This works great, because every lab user has his own OctoPrint account.

The only problem is that many users forget to log out. Then the next user can print at the expense of his predecessor.

Therefore, I am looking for an auto-logout option in Octoprint: either after a certain idle time, or event-based as soon as a print job is started or stopped. So far, unfortunately, I have not found anything. Maybe someone has a tip for me how to solve this problem?

I suggest that you write a plugin which does this.

I'm guessing that the python side of it would:

  • check if a user is logged in
    • check if the printer is idle
      • start a timer
      • check after the timeout period to see if it's still logged in, still idle
        • if so, log them out
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... and in addition to this:

  • If print is running
    • Do nothing
  • Else (if print ended)
    • Logout

Could be simple - could be complex, depending on what shall be possible with it

I think the timer should increase everytime the user clicks something and this is a little bit harder to implement...but a first version could increate the timer during the following events:

  • file upload/delete/selected/deselected
  • print start/pause/resume/cancel
  • tab selected
    and in my opinion the logout should also be done during print, because no user user should be able to stop the print.

I like the idea, maybe I should start implementing this feature.


Hi @fabman,

implementation is done!!

You can download the plugin from the github-page:

The next step is to create a merge request for the official plugin-repository. So it will take some time that you can find it in the plugin-manager.

Feel free to create an issue if there is a bug or you need a different feature.



Wow! That was fast! Thank you very much, @OllisGit
I've just installed the plugin and it looks great at first sight. Exactly what I was looking for.
I'll test it and I'll tell you if I find some bug.

best wishes,

Hi @fabman,
the plugin is now in the offical plugin repository (thx, Gina): AutoLogout

If you still like the plugin....I added a donation-button :wink:


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