Automatic shutdown raspberry pi after printer is shutted down

Hey guys and others. Today i found a good function in octoprint. And thats: Automatic raspberry shut downn after printer is shutted down.
So it works this way.
Youre gonna add some function (i dont know how it was named) and you add here:
Event: disconnected and Command: sudo shutdown -h now.
This means that if octoprint doesnt gonna connect to printer. Then hes gonna make him self shut down. I can write more tommorow of this function.
And if someone whould ask me someone like mechanical stuff and more. Then its all over octoprint. I can write more tommorow.

I turn my printer off after it has cooled down when I'm done printing but I leave my Raspberry Pi on. I have found that the amount of electricity used by the RPi is minimal and having it available when the printer is off has been very useful.

One obvious advantage is that the RPi can actually turn the printer on and off at will.


Hmm my Pi will not turn off after shutting down.

It draws insanely low power. It makes sense to keep it going but instead, power down printer. Printer draws considerably when idling.

That's normal.
You could call it deep standby.

How? Without a relay?

Using a TP-Link smart plug (Yes, a relay) and this plugin. As an added bonus, Alexa can also turn the printer on and off.

wiretap turn the printer on :smiley: