Automatic Slicer

Ok, I use octoprint a lot, but one problem I have is that I access it on devices that don't have a slicer. So that doesn't make a good way to slice files. Can someone link a plugin that can...

  1. Slice files according to preset settings
  2. Preferably have a website where I can access my printer, like TSD
  3. Maybe be able to accept .curaprofile files, but I'm fine with just manually entering the settings

I don't care if 3 isn't made. 2 I'd be fine with, but 1 is the main request.

Slicing in OctoPrint is not very popular, and as a result there are no slicers that are anywhere near as good as your desktop slicer.

There are 3 plugins tagged with 'slicer': Plugins by Tag

The GridSpace plugin is the only one that is actively maintained. The other two are no longer under development - the CuraEngineLegacy is for Cura 15.04, which was before the 'modern' Cura developed by Ultimaker was a thing. So downloading your Cura Profile will most likely not work here, since I doubt you use such old slicers day-to-day.

Basically, slicing using OctoPrint is not that good of an experience.

There are a few web based slicers that might fit your needs. SliceCrafter is one. Kiri:Moto is another (and the one the GridSpace plugin is for). AstroPrint and REALvision.

Slicecrafter is the web based version of IceSL. I have used IceSL to slice some objects that Cura didn't handle well.

Can they slice a file automatically according to preset settings? Just confirming.

I just want a plugin that slices an stl file according to a preset profile

Simply Print plugin. Allows remote control, sending of files etc.