Bash login script

Always liked a shiny colorful greeting on my terminals. I stole the ascii from God knows where and the stats portion from some raspberry pi script I have had since my a version of pi. Always like having the time on my prompt, lets me know how long things take.

Here is my over the years hacked script. Had to zip it to upload it. (2.7 KB)


love it, should add this to ocotpi. would just be a matter of adding it to this file. I would probably keep the addresses to access.

The IP address? It is there I just scribbled them out for my security. You can just:
cp bashrc /home/pi/.bashrc ((make a backup of your .bashrc)) or add it to anyuser.

looks like the ip in yours is a public ip address, not internal IP, which means port forwarding would be involved which is a no-no security wise. the default welcome message I linked is what gets put into the default octopi image, and it gives a list of internal addresses for access.

Roger, but I feel if you make it to the login screen you already know. But I do use the pioled for the internal. Sorry for the fuzzy picture -- not as fuzzy as my head on wine right now!