Basic USB Game Controller?

Hi All,

Have just built a fresh Octoprint Pi on a Second Pi so I could redeem my normally spare one.
Current shortages meant I had to buy a Bundle which had bit's I didn't originally plan on geting.

The Official 7" Screen was one thing in the Bundle & has been put to use to run OctoDash.
Loving that...

The other thing in the Bundle was an "SNES Style USB Controller".

Can it be put to use to try with Octoprint?
I've searched for things on the topic, but only see mention of someone using an X-Box Controller.
Also have read a bit about the Keyboard Control Plugin & get the impression that it may be relevant, but not seeing much more detail on that topic regarding Controllers.



If the Pi/OS recognises the controller as a keyboard, then the keyboard control plugin would work, but I would guess (would like to be wrong) that it's unlikely to work like that. You would probably need a specific plugin written to support that controller.

You might be able to tweak this plugin to work as well.

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Have looked for a Linux component of some sort that can basically take actions from a Game controller input & stuff them in as if they were keystrokes from a keyboard.

Have drawn a blank on that front so far.

Will give the above a Xbox Plugin a try, but any changes to the Source would be beyond me.

You can also take a look at BetterGrblSupport plugin. It has gamepad support.

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