Bed level visualizer G29 unknown!

Hi i can not use bed level visualizer ! marlin can't recognize the G29 code ! i have the messahe telling : G29 unknown command ! any idea please ?
Creality Ender 5 Pro / motherboard v 4.2.2 / Marlin2.0.1 V1.0.1 Endstop firmware /raspberry pi 4 4G with Octoprint connected via Wifi .

Hello @hica !

So, is there a BL-Touch installed?

No, not yet, but will install a CRTouch soon. bltouch is required for the plugin ?

Yes, of course. How should a bed levelling map be generated without a device that helps measure the bed.

And you need a new firmware too to support the BL-touch:

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ok thank you i'm waiting for the Creality CRToutch to arrive !

so ther is a mistake in this sweb site

Manual bed mesh leveling is an option without a probe, but still would have to be enabled in the firmware.

how to enable it ? do you mean modifiiyng Marlin ?

Yes, modifying Marlin and re-compiling would be required. I suspect there are some pre-compiled versions.

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If you have a 32bit board, or just otherwise have the flash space, I'd recommend using UBL with PROBE_MANUALLY enabled over MBL. MBL is a bit quirky and has some oddities to it, and you'll get the nicer LCD based editors and other options with UBL without needing a probe.

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i have 32bit motherboard but what you're talking about is still a not clear for me for the moment! i will learn ... But what if i install the Creality CRToutch ? bed level visualizer plugung will work if i install firmware supporting bltouth from creality (Marlin2.0.1 BLtouch V1.1.1 Non-adapter board firmware) ? i mean the G29 will be recognized with marlin version 2.0.1 with bltoutch 1.1.1 from creality ?

If you have a probe already just ignore what I said! That's only for without a probe.

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I would hope that it works. I have no personal experience with Creality's firmware, but in theory unless they stripped out the mesh reporting (this is possible with Creality) it should work with that combination.

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