Bed Levelling Orientation

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but which corner is the Home Corner in the default Bed Levelling display?

The image I'm trying to attach shows one corner at the very back , with Y displayed to the lower left side, and X to the lower R. My home location is the Back Right corner, so is that corner furthest away the Home Corner? ( This is an Ender 5Pro, btw)

I have issues with slicers inverting front and rear, and am wondering if this is the same here. I'm going through the motiion of bed re-levelling, and figured since I'm going to reset it anyways, I'd play with this for a bit see what I can understand of it. I didn't realizwe there was a correction matriz, but that end up being just a confusing because I don't know if its giving me a Top-down representation or not. THe first attempt defiinately wasn't the right interpretation as all the value got worse, not better.

When I run the BEdlevel plugin, and it displays a 3D representation, which orientation is correct?

It's not normal to have center orientation configured in your printer profile settings in OctoPrint or the plugin's settings. That's typically reserved for delta printers. You should use the Lower Left origin option in printer profile settings, and then your graph will show 0,0 facing you when initially generated, which is your actual "home" position.

OK, fair enough. I've never read anything regarding setting that up. I just have used whatever the default were for this. Really don't mess around with it. Having said that, My physical home position is right rear. Always has been.

Where do I make these adjustments?

OK. SO I did locatie that Center Origin you mentioned. I do get a 0,0 location. If I'm understanding what you said, then that means the actual Home lcoation 0,0 is diplayed at the front of the screen, but it should be at the back, right. So, is 0,0 my actual home location or is it 180Β° inverted? This is myt dilemma, not only is it inverted, it is at the wrong end of the scale. The data doesn't display in the table with an algnment that relates to my phsyical home location or the 3d graphic.

This completely makes no sense whatever.. I should have just left well enough alone.

I doubt your printer's actual 0,0 location is in the back right. If it is that's the most unusual setup I've heard of. It might be "homing" to limit switches in the back right, but the actual x=0, y=0 position will still be in front left. To test this theory, press the home button in OctoPrint and then send the command G0 X0 Y0 and tell me where it goes. That's a true "home" position for cartesian printers.

Actually, that's probably why OctoPrint labels it as origin instead of home for that setting.

It is, after all, a Creality printer so who knows where they think the origin should be.

Home, Origin... what do I know. All I can tell you is that when any print starts it zooms to the back right corner. When I press the home button (in the middle of the X/Y controls) it moves to the back right corner

However, like I mentioned and have experienced, when I'm adding parts to the virtual build plate ina slicer I have to put them at the front in the slicer to be at the back on the printer.

G0 X0 Y0 puts the hotend/printhead in the same spot.

Origin is rear right. I use bed visualizer.
I tend to left click and spin the graphic to align 0,0 to rear right, so i can align the high spots.
With that plugin, you can click on a location on the bed and the head will move to it.

I think if you set the camera position to 0,2,1 it will auto-rotate the graph for you.

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Good shout. It does.