Bed mesh completely off

I have a issue with Bed Mesh Visualizer,
I just got my new CR Touch probe, and i installed bed mesh visualizer. Every time i use bed mesh visualizer the mesh is good and shows what to adjust, but it is tilted 45* max value to min value even though my bed isnt like that. I do not have a Z Probe Offset set i dont know if that will affect it or not.
Help is much needed
I am using a Ender 3 Pro

for example here are the values
Recv: 0 1 2 3
Recv: 0 +2.689 +1.941 +1.219 +0.529
Recv: 1 +1.681 +1.073 +0.477 -0.126
Recv: 2 +0.734 +0.247 -0.323 -0.842
Recv: 3 -0.293 -0.725 -1.158 -1.518
and this is how the mesh looks
my heat bed doesn't look anything like this

i replaced my probe, and it is completely fine now. i think my old probe was faulty

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