Bed Mesh SV06 Plus

Hi guys,
I am new to 3d printing, and have been lurking around for a while trying to learn everything I can about GCode, bed leveling and fine tuning my SV06 Plus. I am trying to achieve a less than .15 variance so I can print in higher detail. I have used the "soup can" method with a part I printed, I have lubed up the x y and z rods, I have loosened the belts until they slip and then tightened until they were catching correctly. However, when I do my bed mesh, I get a downward curve around the left side bilinear Y rod, so I have tried printing some mods for the cable as I suspect it to be somewhat of the problem here.
That is a link to the bed mesh
This is the link to the grid values


Any help is much appreciated!

Forgot to mention I have the four outermost screws on the bed silicone modded and the original spacers in the middle, I am thinking about doing the silicone mod to 3 more of the screws in the middle having one anchor point, because the front left inner and back right screw threads are stripped and do not tighten well.

Can you elaborate? I can't find anything.

As it appears that SV06 has a sheet plate, you can try this:

also, make sure there isn't anything mechanical on your rail that may be causing the dip. could be a flat wheel or bad rail too, although flat wheel would typically show multiple dips across the same axis.

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"soup can" method is just placing a part under the x axis rods until either side is manually able to line up, does not seem to be the issue here. I will definitely try the tape method! Thank you!

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