Bed VisiuaIzer EZABL TH3D Firmware

Are these compatible?
The M155 S30/S3 doesn't seem to work.
I get a display, but can never get it flat. It's flat on my level, but I must be missing something.
Maybe the X-axis is off?

Recv: 0 1 2
Recv: 0 -1.377 -1.109 -0.952
Recv: 1 -0.159 -0.055 +0.066
Recv: 2 +0.976 +1.059 +1.105

You tailor the gcode commands you send based on your firmware. If TH3D firmware doesn't support the command in the generalized examples, then just take that line out. Your mesh report you listed is not flat, as you can see they are all not the same number...