Bed Visualizer and UBL leveling

Will the bed visualizer plugin work with Auto Bed Leveling UBL. And if it does is there anything I need to know in terms of confirmation of the plugin that I need to know. Thanks!

When I initially programmed the plugin that was what it was designed for. It has since expanded to support several different firmware and report formats. As for configuration. I recommend looking here. Before trying to update the mesh in the plugin though you'll want to open settings, go to Bed Level Visualizer section and check any options there you may want to change and make sure to click Save (even if you don't change anything). This will avoid a bothersome first issue, as the initial wizard doesn't save the gcode settings when you first install the plugin.

The linked example above will do a full UBL process start to finish.

Thanks. Will have a look see.

Just complied a new firmware and added UBL Gcode settings. Great feature.

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