Bed visualizer - how to use?


Does BV require an automatic leveler or something to give us that nice picture of the flatness of our bed? What are it's requirements and how is it supposed to work? How do we choose which of the 3 commands that it wants? I have zero background in this department.


To the best of my knowledge, yes.

  1. On the Control panel, HOME both the X/Y and Z motors
  2. In the Settings -> Bed Visualizer dialog box, you need to tell it which command starts the autoleveling process, assuming that your 3D printer has a probe or an IR sensor or something like that
  3. Visit the Bed Visualizer tab and start it

It then sends the command that you entered in the 2nd step. In my case, it's probably a G29. The firmware then will take it through the sampling points. Bed Visualizer reads the output of that and does some fancy stuff to display it.


The plugin requires auto leveling to be enabled in your firmware.

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I have it set up in my slicer script to run before my print starts so I can see if there were any changes between different prints. Great plugin, I love it!!!

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Hey all, ok, so I am new to Octoprint and semi new / semi techy to 3D printing.

I got the visualizer showing my table top BUT how do I make that work with the print? What am I missing?

I have an ezabl (going to change it out for something else because in my view they are junk)..


The plugin doesn't do anything to work with your print. If you have auto bed leveling available and active in your firmware then the firmware will do the work to compensate for un-level/non-flat beds.