Bed Visualizer - Keep bed heating on after Mesh update

Hello there, great plugin. Totally love it and Octoprint too!
Probably a silly question, but is it possible to keep the bed heater on after a mesh update?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Hi, in the plugin settings, under the collection tab, there is the actual GCode sent to the printer to collect the mesh.
There should be a line line this one:

M140 S0 ; cooling down the bed

You need to either delete the line, or comment it out completely by placing a semicolon in front of the M140. This way, the bed will stay heated even when the collection is finished.

Although, pardon the question, but why do you want to keep your bed heated after mesh collection ? Doesn't your slicer include the G29 GCode (Automatic Bed Leveling) before each print ?

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Thanks SwHawk, that's the info I needed!
As for your question, yes my slicer (Cura) is sending the G29, it's just that I usual like to see/check my bed level before printing and it's a bummer having to wait for it to heat up again.