Bed Visualizer numbers

hi, I am (Semi) new to using this printer. I am having a really hard time reliably getting a good first layer, and yes I ran all of the calibrations. I was having the most issues with the front right corner and decided to check to see if my bed was flat and I got this.

I feel that this is the source of the issue and am not really sure how to approach this?

(EDIT: the highest point is 0.189mm)

You could attempt to manually tweak the bed (assuming that it's plastic or metal) but that might be problematic.

You could just limit the size of your print jobs to be in that common plane in the middle, avoiding the edges.

You could add support for an IR sensor and add a G29 or similar code to the startup, this would perform an autolevel routine to create a compensation mesh plane. The firmware then would compensate for the bed leveling.

You could affix a borosilicate or similar glass plate on top of the bed.

How is the bed attached? It looks like you need a method of shimming underneath the bed. If you can flip that bed then use the screws to pull down the edges you might be able to get it flatter. Or like @OutsourcedGuru mentioned, a glass on top, etc. We really need more details of what your bed looks like physically. There are lots of variations.

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It depends upon whether or not the center of the bed is attached/supported. If it is then shims on the outside edges, for the win.

Enable mesh ABL and have it probe a 10x10 grid. It auto-corrects and your parts will come out great