Bed visualizer plugin Ender 3 Marlin 1.3.1

Hi All,

Newbie here. Have gotten tons of help from this group already. Greatly appreciated!

Trying to install Bed Visualizer Plugin.

On Ender 3, running Marlin 1.3.1, OctoPrint 1.5.0

I copy pasted the following as directed (and I understand this is for Marlin 1.1.9 With AUTO_REPORT_TEMPERATURES enabled and UBL) but I didn't see a script more specific for what I'm running);

M155 S30		; set temperature reporting delay, use a value longer than the time it takes for your leveling command to complete.
@BEDLEVELVISUALIZER	; instruct plugin to start recording responses from printer.
G29 T			; report the bed leveling mesh points.
M155 S3			; set the temperature reporting delay back to a shorter time span.

When I ask it to update mesh, the head drives to a place off the printer bed (way up front). Using BL Touch, and it has been working great.

Little help please? Thanks so much in advance!

Sounds like a firmware bug to me. If you ask the printer to level (without using BLV, just the G29 T command in the terminal), does it do the same thing?

Marlin 1.3.1 is very old, to the point of I don't even know when this was made - I think you should update.

G29 works great.

Marlin 2.0 bugfix?

Then I'll have to re-add the touch, right?


If G29 works great, then use that instead of G29 T, just to rule out Bed Level Visualiser.

Latest release is probably a better option, the 2.x branch or release

1.1.9 should be fine. The plugin was originally developed with that version IIRC. You may need to use a different set of gcode commands though. Do you happen to know what type of bed leveling is in the firmware you have installed? If you are just using G29 to do a probing, I think you're probably using non-ubl leveling, so you should use one of these.

the wiki is a little outdate, and those examples were moved to a separate file for easy editing/contributing as the wiki doesn't really allow it so well.

Ok, for clarification;

When I booted the printer, the software version came up as 1.3.1

After further investigation, it's actually 2.0.1, but the touch version is 1.3.1