Benefits to switch from Pi 3B+

I currently have OctoPi running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with numerous plugins and two webcams. I am frustrated at the slow upload speeds, sometimes slow/inaccurate print times, and slow user interface from the web ui. I have Octodash running, but I have my computer next to the printer and I never use the touch screen.

I am thinking about installing OctoPrint on my server in a Linux VM. It will then have nearly infinite processing power and a direct virtual network connection. Besides needing a longer USB cable and getting rid of the touch screen, are there any drawbacks to this?

Hello @nellering!

Keep in mind: The longer the USB cable, the higher the risk of a bad serial connection and so bad and/or broken prints.

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Thank you. Good point. How would you combat the slow web UI? The Pi does not seem to be low on resources.