Beta Testing OctoPrint iOS app -


Shoutout for beta testers for a new iOS app that works with OctoPrint...

Avid fan of OctoPrint here and very impressed with Gina's work. I've been working on an iOS app for both the iPad and iPhone that works with OctoPrint. It has customizable layout and controls, works with self-signed certs, supports haproxy (and basic authentication in general), and much more. Check out the preview video. I would love it if I could get a few beta testers (initially limited to first 100). You can signup to beta test it here:

I'm open to friendly feedback. :grinning:

(Gina - if there is a better place to post this, please let me know. If this is not the appropriate place, please feel free to remove it.)



Very cool work you are doing here! I wish I needed this more than I do though. I have a VPN set up and remote in on my iOS devices to look at prints or just to get to my octoprint install.


@pingywon - yah, getting to it from outside of your network is only available if you can already see OctoPrint from outside your network - no magic there. You would be able to use this with a VPN obviously.

The customizable interface is really what it is all about. When I was originally searching for iPad apps, I didn't really find any that met my needs. So, I started developing something that you could fully customize. (It works on iPhones as well.)

For my own use, I created 1 screen for getting the print started and one screen for monitoring. You can actually have more than 1 webcam stream to it (if you have it setup correctly) and you can add a button and whatever you want for code - making it really flexible.


I’d be willing to beta test. I, too, can get into my home network from the outside, but having a better interface that doesn’t require as much pinching and scrolling would be nice.

Will you have support for features such as is provided by the Fullscreen plugin? That’s one feature I haven’t figured out how to get working in mobile Safari.


@TheBum - I'd love to have you onboard as a beta tester. Just signup at the link above.

Do you mean the Fullscreen Webcam plugin? If that is the one you were thinking of, you can resize the webcam view to be as large or small as you would like. It does not currently have an overlay of information, but you could make the webcam view slightly smaller and put those buttons at the bottom.

If that wasn't the plugin you were thinking of, please give me a bit more info.


Yes, that one. I like having the overlay so I don't have to keep going back to the Temperature tab.


Very interesting. I'll have to look into that a bit more. So, you can make it nearly full screen and add the buttons at the bottom, but the overlay looks cool. I'll put that on my backlog.


I could see using this as an Octoprint interface on an old ipad and attaching it to the printer. Like a big beautiful screen instead of the little dial/LCD we currently have.

I currently use the octo webpage for ALL my management of the printer and use iOS for remote monitoring.

I am really happy with what you got going on and looking forward to seeing it fully fleshed out!

please please please keep up the good work!


This is exactly what I was thinking as well - use an old iPad to drive the user interface. There is a preference for not having the screen go to sleep. So, you could leave it plugged in and create a little stand. Plenty of pre-created stands on ThingiVerse or make your own.


I've moved this topic to "Showcase" since I think that category fits better, but other than that: :+1:


@jonsmith - First, this is for 3dpc, correct? If so, I'm the developer and would love to help you out. Just to confirm - it is crashing at the very beginning, before you even see a list of the printers, correct? If so, you might need to delete it an re-install. This is generally a sign that the settings within the app became corrupt. It is loading those settings at the very beginning and then crashes when it encounters a file that it can't load. I'm working on catching that and letting the user know that their settings were corrupt and restarting the process.

Please let me know if that works.

One thing to consider: I'm not seeing this in any of the crash logs that I get from Apple. If you want developers to automatically get those crash reports, please consider turn on Share With App Developers.


Looks like jonsmith turned out to be a prolific spammer. (Ignore.)