Better handling of printers that get turned off?

My printer has a loud fan and blinky lights and so I turn it off when I'm not using it. My Octopi does stay on but it doesn't like losing the serial connection to the printer and makes a big fuss about it.

I'd really prefer if the default behavior for losing the serial connection was just a big red OFFLINE indicator. And for Octoprint to occasionally (once a minute?) poll the serial port and if it comes back online, it goes back online automagically.

Seems a more user friendly thing to do. Or at least have the option/plugin to do.

(MP Mini Delta amongst others)

The PortLister plugin can automatically connect to a printer when its serial port becomes available:


Will give this a go!

I use relay to control my printer power supply, and from octopi I can disconnect printer and turn off. If you add a way to control your printer's power supply from Octopi you can do this.