Better MultiCam support

Is it possible to get a better system for multiple webcams/endoscopes? Currently, MultiCam isn't working for me in a fresh install of the latest Octoprint. I've spent 8 hours trying to get it to work only to stop because some of the troubleshooting is beyond my skill level. Is it possible to update the mjpgstreamer setup in 0.18 or 0.19?

Perhaps we can help you if you tell us the problems you are running into. Because from your question if it is possible to update mjpegstreamer, my guess is your problem is not actually with the MultiCam plugin but with setting up multiple cameras.

What - exactly - are you trying to do, and where do you get stuck? Are you trying to use multiple USB-connected devices? Is your problem running multiple mjpgstreamer instances, each for their own USB camera? What sort of hardware do you use?

well the multicam setup no longer works with the latest version of octoprint. ive tried using /dev/v4l/by-id and /dev/video* but neither one works because webcamd has changed. also with the new versions i always have 6 video devices even if nothing is plugged in on a new install.

Please clarify "no longer works". The plugin page says it is compatible with all versions of OctoPrint, and Python 2 as well as 3. In the issue queue for this plugin, I see noone complaining that it isn't compatible.

Webcamd has changed so that it no longer uses octopi.txt. I can’t find any documentation on how to change it so it does use octopi.txt. It uses octopi.conf.d which I’m not sure what to change in, so I wanted to ask if there was a possibility of adding a simpler way to add multiple webcams that didn’t require so many changes through ssh.

Uhmmmm... No it hasn't, it's still supported, though you can also add more than one configs now:

Thanks! I’ll try that later this evening