BIQU Kossel Plus


Here's my delta, hanging out on the workbench. While it's got the onboard touchscreen, I generally drive it over wifi from the PC since I can actually see what I'm doing there and fat fingers don't matter as much.

Some details about the build, including links to all the printed parts on Thingiverse:


I recently acquired the Kossel Pro and I am aiming to follow your example for improvements! That said, do you have a cura engine profile that OctoPrint can use for the Kossel? I failed to find one available (there is one on thingieverse, but that's the wrong format ...).


I use slic3r for my slicing needs these days, but when I was fooling around with cura a while back, these were the best profiles I found:

Whether cura, slic3r, or anything else, your best bet will be to really learn the profile options and fine tune custom profiles specifically for your machine, filament, quality vs print-time, and complexity of design. For example, for large simple objects that don't need great finish, I have my machine laying down perimeters and solid fill layers at 140mm/s and 220 on the hot end -- right at the speed my extruder motor starts dropping steps due to pressure build-up. For intricate objects, I have slower and cooler profiles I've tuned empirically. I've also found that I'm constantly fine-tuning all of my profiles on each print, getting better and better quality in less and less time.


Thanks for the link, and thanks for the advice! I'm only starting to get my feet wet with printing, and am looking forward to get to know the machine.