Bitcoin and altcoin


Some of us out here actually own some cryptocurrency and it seems like it's being used occasionally on the Internet for virtual tip jars so that people can show their love.

I don't really use checking accounts and credit cards and I know that the gift card I do use isn't compatible with the website Gina's currently using. :frowning_face:

I guess I'm suggesting that if people like Gina and the plugin authors were to create Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets and were to then generate receiving addresses for same, they could publish one QR code each with respect to their work.

For example, you'd come to expect that the related on your github's repository would at the bottom have two QR codes, one each for the two popular crypto coins. This would promote generosity, one would hope, in those who have the stuff.


Can't speak for any plugin authors, but personally I'm keeping my distance from this option simply because my tax situation is tricky enough as is, without adding that to it. But I appreciate the sentiment!


Fair enough. I'm going to implement this in my repositories' READMEs and people can do with it what they will.

Given the current state of quantitative easing in the world's collection of governments/banks, I'm not that fond of fiat currency to be honest regardless of who's printing it.


I was just looking at the "Support Octoprint" webpage for a bitcoin address that I could donate to. I guess this idea is a non-starter. :frowning_face:


Come on, Gina. All the cool kids are doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, with respect to taxes, cryptocurrencies are treated like stocks that you haven't sold. It doesn't matter how many bitcoins you have if you simply don't use them.

But even if you did want to spend them... I mean, really, what more do I have to say on the subject other than no tax on coffee? :grinning:


I can't pay my rent or my groceries in crypto so I have to convert. I have to find a way to convert that satisfies the tax requirements and also have to find a sensible time to convert or I'll make heavy losses. Something that is as volatile and risky in multiple ways as this really doesn't feel right for what I have to base my livelihood on. Remember, this is not coffee money or an investment for me, this is what I live from :wink:


Shoot me a PM with your postal address and I'll stuff some dollar bills inside a 3D printed part. :wink: