Bl touch wanted

Hi has any one got a used but working bl touch they want to sell?.

You can pick one up really cheaply on amsazon or ebay. I mean, if you don't mind waiting for one to come from China, you could score one for ~$12 US.

The shipping alone is going to be more than that for any you guy from a private seller.

Hi thanks for the help I actually have a geeetech 3d touch but just can't seem to get it set up z-axis offset seem to change and probing seems to give different results everytime I just put it down to the sensor being inaccurate so o removed it.

i had constant issues with the 3d touch, since being on bl touch zero issues, i just purachd the creality bl-touch official unit

Ok thanks I'll give it some thaught. Been looking at other bed leveling options.