Blinking browser tabs | favicon (start, complete etc.)


Anybody know plugin like subject?

P.S. I'm know Telegram API notification plugin, but it's not good for me...

I assume you're trying to get some form of notification from the browser side. You could utilize my M300Player or M117SpeechSynthesis or M117PopUp (enable speech sythensis) plugins to get local audio notifications from the browser. You just add in whatever M117/M300 command you want to use for the alert in your start and end gcode.

Thanks for reply!

M117PopUp does notify whan you not on tab?

I'm use M300 but not all my printers have speaker on board. M117SpeechSynthesis may be useful too.

If you enable the Speech option in M117 PopUp I'm pretty sure the tab/browser doesn't have to be active for it to speak out. As for not all your printer have speakers on board, the M300Player plugin will actually beep using the browser on the client side and imitate the beep on the printer, you don't have to have a working speaker on the printer side for it to work.It's kind of virtual speaker for M300 commands.

I use DiscordRemote and get infos on the PC screen, the tablet and the smartphone

Wow! Going try. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, i'll leave post unresolved. May be somebody know, or want realize idea.

It's same Telegram bot i guess.
Here need to check/open software to know what printer it done. But check by head turn is faster.
Half printers silent finish tasks each one-two hour and i don't know about it because do another job like modeling, order processing etc. It sometimes carried away and turning head you find that they are idle and cold.

Not sure i understand completely, but with the SpeechSythensis options you could put something like M117 Print complete on printer x in OctoPrint's GCODE scripts section under After print job completes and as long as the browser has the page loaded in the background it should call out.

I'm try to using this plugin and 50\50 it's beeping once and beeping unstoppable with two different computers. And M117SpeechSynthesis doesn't want talk, may be i don't installed something.

Search continues...