Bondtech firmware compatibility prusa

Hello recently purchased a bondtech Prusa i3 MK3S+/MK3S / MK2.5S Mosquito upgrade kit along with the mosquito hot end. and installed the 3.10.0 firmware(FW3100-Build4990) my issue is I like to run my prints through octo print and it is not updating the total runtime or filament used on the prusa under statistics. it has ran about 50 hours since the upgrade and it only shows 18 minutes of total runtime on my printer. probably due to the fact I ran a program from the sd card directly. Is there a way to update this so it will show total runtime and filament used correctly? I have already tried re installing the software and it has done nothing. End of the day it works fine without showing the statistics but it would be nice.

Octoprint doesn't get a lot of informations from your printer when you're printing from the sd card so some of the (plugins) features don't work.

maybe I'm not understanding correctly. I would like the printer to show statistics after the print is complete. it worked fine and showed statistics and updated them before I upgraded to the bondtech firmware. I'm not printing from a sd card, I'm printing through octoprint.

Oh sorry I thought you're talking about an Octoprint plugin.
Can't really help you with that - I'm not familiar with Prusa firmwares.
If you don't get an answer here I would suggest to try it in the Prusa forums.

good idea for some reason that didn't cross my mind lol