Bootloader required?

Hi All,
This is my first post and I'm loving really impressed with Octoprint! I have a question that I was not able to find an answer to via the search engine. I'm wanting to update the firmware in my Ender 3 Pro to version 1.1.9. I would like to use the OP firmware update plugin to do this but was wondering if the printer must have a boot loader installed first?

That's more of a marlin/ender 3 forum kind of question instead of an OctoPrint kind of question so you may find more information elsewhere relative to that. I'm not sure the Ender 3 ships with a bootloader or not.


Hi @luvtofish!

You may have a look here:

Yes, it does. If you need to burn a bootloader you will likely need additional hardware. If your printer has printed before, it likely has a bootloader (though in theory it is possible to replace the bootloader with Marlin directly, in which case it is not possible to upgrade the firmware with just a USB cable).

So, I'll need to go the route of procuring an arduino board and dupont jumper wires to manually install the bootloader. The Ender 3 does not come with a bootloader from the factory. There are a few tutorials online that explain this process pretty well. Thanks to all that replied.

It's been a while since I did it on my stock CR-10 (replaced with an Einsy board eventually) but pretty sure I ended up using a Nano that I had laying around for the job.

Sorry I'm a little late to the party and OP probably already has this figured out, but I used this tutorial to flash both the Bootloader (and Firmware) to a Creality Silent Board v1.1.4 (on the original Ender 3) with success.

It does require some Dupont wires, but the RPi's GPIO is used to simulate an Arduino and flash the Bootloader. It is quite a clever solution, actually. After the bootloader is burned you can skip the rest and use Octoprint to flash the Firmware via plugin.