Bootstrap columns and site width

I was wondering if there was a particular reason why the site is limited to the 1200px width for the containter. Bootstrap has some very nice features to make the width adapt with screen size. It seems to used table span4 or span8.

I was simply wondering what the reasoning was for the site width.

I'd be interested in maybe trying to tweak the site to display differently based on screen size and would limit the need to scroll as much on larger screens This would also make it easier to use from a smartphone.

If you're also using a smartphone or iPad or similar to view the website, the usual wisdom is to install the TouchUI plugin to add a different interface for those.

And then, you might search the forum here for "pimp" to see how most of us are using the Themeify plugin.

Yep, TouchUI plugin helped me in almost the same situation. But for now I have some other problems, and they mostly because of poor SEO of my website. I've read couple of great recommendations about people from this website , and now I'm thinking to order some promotion from them. Seems like they are professionals in development.