Browser? what is the best Browser to run Octo?

Running on Chrome and it is using a lot of ram, was wondering what everyone uses and what they think is the best.

I imagine if you ask 5 people this question, you'll get 6 opinions!

With that said, I've used many browsers over the years and here's my opinion on it:
Firefox seems to be the way to go these days.

I originally started using Chrome because it was a more minimalistic option than anything else back then. Ironically, I think it's become one of the heaviest browsers now. Otherwise, I've recently tried Chrome, Chromium (just the basic open source components), Edge (which is basically Chromium) and Vilvaldi. All of them had too much baggage for me.


I also use Firefox with great success. Another Mozilla based browser you can try is PaleMoon.

Chrome become the worst browser. Btw if you have installed Chrome make sure to configure it so does NOT run on the background. Even when you are not using Chrome it stills run on the background the moment you login! IE uses less resources than Chrome these days; sad!

I used to run it in Waterfox, a firefox fork, but at some point the dashboard plugin didn't work with it any more. The browser was my last suspect, I actually installed everything from fresh, starting with octopi, only to see the very same mess in the end.

That taught me to care more for the browser, so it's firefox for octopi since then.
Chromium/Chrome and the resellers feel like walking with a brontosaurus through the park.

I'm also Firefox all the way these days.

Setup a firefox account to sync across devices, and using the Tree Style Tab plugin, there's no going back for me.

Ohmygod. Thank you for this. I always end up having hundreds of tabs open after lookup of coding problems. :smiley: