BUG REPORT: duble the E0 temp


HI team OctoPi

first of all it is awesome work, second I found a little bug:

1: Set the E0 temp to 205 trough the control tab on octoPi
2: Change filament to the wanted one
3: selected the uploaded file from the Queue, it set the E0 temp to 205

and here is the bug, when I get to gode from gCode that sets the Temp on E0 it double it up, sp the E0 temp will be 410. that is not ideal. it is as the system doesn't read that the E0 is turned on, and is this case I have set me preheat configuration as the same in my slicer, S3D

Is that something that could be look at


OctoPrint doesn't "double up temperature", there's no code in there that would do that :thinking: Please report this on the bug tracker. Make sure to fill out the full template, especially take care to provide all requested logs (!) and version numbers (!!) and also provide a file with which to reproduce.

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