Built-In touchscreen and sensors

My printer has already a nice build in Touchscreen and also a Filament runout sensor. Right now i can not use the features with Ocotprint.
i Like the default printing screen were i can tune the nozzle high and do some other stuff while printing. Is it possible to get this stuff working with a octoprint plugin or something ? i read that the firmware needs to be modified to accept some related host communication. Is it worth to investigate for a possible solution or are there already some experiences how can be shared ?

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It might be useful to know something like which printer we're talking about, which version of OctoPrint you have, whether or not you install that using the OctoPi image, etc.

Myself, I completely replaced the software that was on my Robo C2 printer (also with Raspberry Pi 3B, built-in TFT screen, etc). I ended up losing some of their tuning wizards and such by doing so. It's a decision you'd have to make as well.

i have an creality cr10s pro, i tried all related plug ins available from plugin manager. None of them were working on this printer.

In my case, the TFT was connected to the Pi. If your TFT is connected to the printer board then it's their firmware that's talking to it.

ok well they share the source code so maybe i can take a look

With Marlin 2.0 there seems to be possible to send some M code's for Screen updates.