button lit on octopi lcd


Hello, good to everyone
I'm a little lost still with octoprint and with octopi
I have a printer which is connected to an ATX source so I can turn it on and off from the Lcd of the printer which I have configured in Marlin until everything is fine and everything works fine.
I recently bought a 3.5 inch screen for my raspberry pi 3 b + which I installed octoprint-tft to be able to handle the printer from this but not having a button with the command M80 and M81 to power and turning off my printer forces me to have the two screens thing I do not want
Is there any way to create a button to give them this function?

Greetings to all


Take a look at



I have been testing the link that you have put me but the changes only appear in the octoprint of the browser and what I want is to modify the screen of the photo

Greetings to all


I suppose there are several ways of interpreting "LCD" in this context:

  • the LCD connected directly to the printer's control board and not managed by OctoPrint
  • the LCD screen attached directly to a Raspberry Pi and managed by Raspian

Your case is more like the second but also you're using the TouchUI plugin. The styling and availability of buttons on that screen are due to that author's code rather than OctoPrint's default styling. You probably show post a feature request on his/her github.


I followed the indications of the designer but when loading the new and restart nothing appears anywhere
the images if I have managed to modify them but create new buttons I have not got it and I do not know where to look

Thank you very much for your help


@BillyBlaze wrote the TouchUI plugin and it's his code which renders the screen you're looking at on your LCD. If his plugin doesn't include your custom controls, as created, then you should create a feature request "issue" on his github. Describe that you'd like custom controls to appear on his interface.