Bypassing PrintNanny setup

I don't have a PrintNanny identity yet, but I installed the plugin. Now I can't get past the setup page (you're supposed to be able to hit Finish to bypass the setup, but it's just "shaking" [saying "no, you haven't finished"]). Am I really going to have to set up another SD card until I get my invitation, or is there some way to bypass the setup page? (Or delete the plugin from the commandline? (Even though I have a VNC server set up, I can't connect to it ... probably because there's no graphic UI in Octoprint.)

I don't know how to finish the setup but the safe mode would work for sure. :slight_smile:

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To start in safe mode, use the recovery page http://your-ip/recovery to manage the server.

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Safe mode works fine, but there's no way to remove PrintNanny from safe mode. I thought that maybe someone was familiar enough with the Octoprint source to tell me how to delete a particular plugin from a commandline. I guess I'll just have to flash the image again and not onstall PrintNanny until I'm invited.

(PrintNanny isn't loaded in safe mode, so it can't be turned off from the web interface, so ...)

You should be able to remove the plugin using safe mode, that's what it's there for - to get rid of problem plugins. See here, I can uninstall them:

Otherwise, you can use pip uninstall <plugin name>. On OctoPi that might be ~/oprint/bin/pip uninstall OctoPrint-Nanny or ~/oprint/bin/pip uninstall octoprint_nanny, I can't tell which right now.