Camera flipping in the new camera-streamer build

The flip options in the UI are just how the stream is embedded - it doesn't change the actual stream, so it works independently of the options in the .conf file.

With regards to the bug of the flip not working, I'll take a look when I next get a chance to work on the plugin.

Thank you for that. Yes I understand, thats why i have to wait for my print to finish so i can restart once setting libcamera.conf settings.

I didn't initially send a system bundle, but if it helps you i can.

So, my print failed, and i went and messed with the settings, and low and behold it works with it set as;

I promise i tried this already and it didnt work, but now it does, lets see if it lasts. This is in both the webrtc page, and through the plugin. I also have both flip boxes checked in Camera-streamer plugin page, maybe having both set is what did it, might just have been a combo i didn't happen to try. Thanks for all your help!!

Several restarts and it seems to be staying.

:sunglasses: Glad you found a solution.

Edit: Are you pasting pictures of your libcamera.conf because of what the site markup language does to the contents when you try to paste it? If so, use the preformatted text control "</>" from the post editor toolbar to enclose anything like logs or config files to improve readability and increase the amount of love you'll get in the forums :grinning:

Sorry, but...

"she", thanks :wink:


I'm so sorry, no disrespect meant, I've only ever read your work, so.... Sorry!

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Thanks for the advice, and thanks for your help.