Camera Setting Plugin not working as expected

I have a Pi Camera V2 NoIR camera install and it does work.

I have installed the camera plugin and I see "Camera Settings" in the OctoPrint setting.
I make a drastic change to the settings such as Horizontal flip, or change the hue to -90, then click save and no change is ever displayed. I have tried similar changes to both gspca main driver and camera0.

I also tried saving the settings as preset, which does keep the changes, but the camera preview and camera on the control window never change.

I have read a few post about the Camera Settings plugin, so I tried to add debug level logging, and Camera Settings log never appears. I added logging for another plugin to make sure I was adding logging for the plugin correctly and the logging for the other plugin works.


I do not know where to go from here. Does OctoPrint need to be restarted after changes to Camera Settings?

Hi, I am the author of that plugin.

Be sure you have the correct camera selected. It sounds like camera0 would be the correct one in this case. After that, go ahead and enable the debugging for it, except look in the octoprint.log. It does not create a separate log.

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Changed to a different camera and things are working as expected.

I have the same issue. I have selected camera0. It is the only camera.

Unfortunately this isn't helpful for tracking down what the actual issue may be. I'll need a debug log as I described above to do that.