Camera stops working randomly

I'm nowhere near as old as you, (no offense), I'm 32 and have fond memories of messing with my commodore 64 trying to figure out why it wasn't working properly. That really got my interested in technology and I now sport degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Kinda funny that the road to college started with something so simple. I mean lets be realistic. My 3d printer's arduino based board is probably 100 times as powerful as that Commodore HAHAHA.

I got my start seven days after the original PC came out. My first programming involved flipping eight switches, then pressing the submit button so that the 8086 would get each byte of code (Heathkit). I remember that the character set for the VIC-20 took up maybe 3K of the 8K available RAM; you'd remove spaces in your code where you could to try to crunch it into the available memory footprint.

Vibrations and movement of 3D printer makes wire connections into camera loose and stop working

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Now I'm offended! haha. My iphone is way more powerful than my old Dec mini which had previous to my owning it had controlled the worlds largest sour gas plant. It had 8K of hand wire wound ram and I had to load the RIM loader using toggle switches on the front panel then I could load the BIN loader on a paper tape. The code was all in assembler and very efficient.

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In those days, you could actually see the bits (at least where they were stored)!

Congrats on your career choice. Actually I'm surprised that you could find a Commodore 64 20ish years ago. 30 years ago I had a storefront, building and selling IBM PC XT 8087 clones and although we did a lot of repairs etc I'm sure that we never had a C64 in the place although someone did come in trying to trade in a Vic 20.

Yes loose connection shaken loser, also long cables may cause issues due to indifference getting picked up

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