Can a plugin require and install another plugin automatically?


Hi! I'm thinking of separating out some features of Octolapse into separate plugins, and am wondering if I can require and install other plugins via some how. Any ideas?


I've asked @foosel this before and I believe I remember her saying it wasn't possible. At least, not possible with the built-in plugin manager and pip requirement declarations. I have dependencies on MQTT plugin for some of my other plugins as it uses its helpers is when I asked. What I ended up doing is adding checks to see if it existed and pnotify the user when it wasn't there as well as add a wizard dialog to the plugin to instruct the user of the dependency.


:popcorn:. Was asking about this for the pi_support plugin too, though that issue ended up being moot.


Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I want to split off some of the core functionality (position/extruder state tracking and slicer settings extraction [new feature]), which would mean that Octolapse wouldn't work at all out of the box. I could still separate the functionality into a new plugin, but it would be quite wasteful CPU wise. Perhaps I will request this functionality if it can be justified.